Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Dossier 2 has finally arrived in Vladivostok

Privet Friends and Family,

Well, I finally found out today that our dossier 2 arrived and was signed for yesterday. This is a relief, even though I have to get over the fact it took almost 7 weeks just to get the updates and paper work officially in. I am crossing my fingers and hoping everyone has good thoughts, that R will not need more to get on the list for a court date.

It looks like we will probably have to re-do our medicals before the next trip since this has taken so long. Michael finished the dvd and I just keep watching it, feeling it tug deeply in the center of my chest, in great part due to the last credit "Back Soon". It has not been very soon, however we will persevere.

Just hoping we can bring him home at 16 months. This is our goal now. He turned 13 months two weeks ago and will be heading into 14 months soon.

If we get to bring him home, then this is ALL WORTH IT! He has no idea what is in store for him, however the fish and frog are anxiously awaiting more attention in his room.

Never in my entire life, would I ever have thought or known how a little one can turn one's entire life and path around. It is so crazy as I sit here and think about where I was a year ago.

I cannot give enough credit to my husband for choosing the perfect songs for our dvd. (I chose the last one, hehe or rather it stole me in Russia). It gives the perfect message of how we are feeling and where we are going.

Love ya my hip, modern hubby, ur the coolest, my luv.
Logan will be one of the luckiest boys ever to have a dad like u in his life.

For others who are reading this and going through this same process, HANG IN THERE. Most of the time you feel like that cat who is hanging on to dear life from the branches and u hang there feeling the same way for most of the time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Song, Which Fits this Journey Best

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those to love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
- Pinocchio

Michael and HunterAnn's
dream come true,
Логан Александр Бят

The Little Hand That Stole Our Hearts

There is not much else I can say, the hand says it all. We miss you. We can not wait to get back to you. Time can not fly fast enough. I remember when I waited to meet your Daddy for three months, the advantage to our wait was I could talk to him every day. I just wish we could see how you were growing, watch you laugh, look into your deep thinking eyes and begin a new journey with you.

And as you soon will find out, you will see humor in your new family more often than you could imagine. Your Daddy spent an hour trying to get your new play pen up...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What we get ourselves into....

It is hilarious, last night had a wonderful evening with my husband drinking the last bit of our Russian Vodka, yummy and toasting to obtaining a court date sometime soon, hence the bottle in our pic.

Now, next day have gotten myself into a world of papers, books, shelving, a bed, exercise bike, more books, more papers, boxes, little bits of odds n' ends, which one can never find a place for so basically up to my head in work.

So, need to find out how to move all of these large items on my own, hehe. Some I have done as my stubborn need to get the guest room clean and perfect rises. It has only been 4 days since we turned in our paper work (exception of one legal document) and OHMYGOSH can time go any slower? I am still keeping busier than ever, however it feels like I have been waiting months since I turned in the paper work.

Back to work.........this is just such a great distraction ;)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More changes to Logan's room

Michael and I spent date night changing Logan's room and getting it ready for him to come home. Of course it was bitter sweet. We loved every moment and we also missed him at every moment but with hope, he will be home in a few months in his room playing with his blocks on the floor or we will be watching him sleep or reading him a book.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

$750 dollars worth of paper work out again

Bonjour! Privet! Aloha! Hello!

I am sitting here after a long day watching a Russian television show based almost word for word, characters etc on Married with Children. Must say the Russian version is entirely more entertaining than the one we had here.
It is good therapy after spending more money on paper work. Today's tally: $750 dollars, stamps and over night. We have one more legal document in a week or so, which must go to the capital, however for now we are hoping so hard core that the documents, which arrive tomorrow at the agency will be the one's to get us on the list for a court date!

After cleaning and organizing some of the rooms in my house, still have over half to do, I am a bit exhausted. It seems there are no vitamins good enough to help the situation.

I realized I am lacking a bit of information on our blog of details in our experience in Vladivostok. Most likely due to my paranoia of putting anything out there, however I will add in a few details here and there.

Today's details:
It was rush, rush when we were in Vladivostok. I remember the day we had to visit the MOE. It was located in the city, where we winded around into an alley. There were military guards and women dressed very nicely; long skirts, beautiful heels and colorful sweaters.
We felt like, well I did most of the time as I am so short, 5'1, I was jogging behind our coordinator. He was thin, tall, dressed stylishly, about our age and a speedy walker.
The elevators were amazingly small, like the size of a regular bathroom stall, and 4 of us squished in as it took us up four flights. I loved the elevators, I must say, old and yet quaint.
We waited for about 30 minutes in front of the elevators while our coordinator set up our interview time. The interview lasted about five minutes. We were in a small room with three desks, three women, our coordinator and interviewer.
Simple questions were asked about our lifestyle and home.
We were then rushed off to get to the orphanage, about 70 - 80 minutes away where we passed birch trees after birch trees. There was a little old woman selling beets and sitting in a beach chair. If you looked about 30 feet behind her in a patch of trees, there were seven men sitting around a small fire.
While in the car, I took video of the pretty surroundings, trees, hills and ocean. There was always something to see, even large military trucks we passed.
The baby home is located in a nice small town with posh looking cafe's, which served the most delicious coffee and Italian pizza breads. Hmm. I kept trying to pick the cheese and tomatoes off Michael's plate. It was laced with roasted garlic.
On another day we went to an American looking restaurant, which took after the Hard Rock Cafe a bit, American memorabilia, Elvis, guitars, framed photos, and old westerns running on a television. Nice restaurant, good pizza. The only unfamiliar thing I found was that the lights to all of the bathrooms are on the outside of the bathroom and there were no stall doors. Michael commented that people were looking at him strangely when it took him waaaay tooo long to find the light switch.
The director at the baby home was extremely sweet and made sure we had as much time as possible with our little one. From what we heard from others, time could be a strain, however we had 4 days, two hours each day, which we found was a good thing.

I read many other parent's blogs and I know there are many "to be" parents and I would like to mention a couple of items if you are one awaiting your first trip to Russia or thinking about adopting from Russia:

1) Russia is a beautiful place. Historically, Russia has been through so much, the people have struggled and yet they have also preserved so much of their culture, which they are very loyal and close too. It is a good idea to travel to Russia with an open heart and move with their rhythm while you are there. The saying, "When in Rome...." and this should be your utmost goal as you are their guest and they are willing to share their children with you and give you the opportunity to love and take a Russian child to your country.
2) Do not go in thinking, "I am doing a favor for Russia", think of it as a two way street, as I know most of us have been through so much to get where we are, think of it as they are giving you a child and you are loving a child who needs a family.
3) Please, if you can give your child one of the most important things in this process, integrate their culture within yours. Both cultures are something to be treasured, just like at the Disney ride, "It's a Small World". It really is.

I am not lecturing, just giving ideas and hope as I have read a couple of blogs out there and I am saddened to say, "surprised by the content".

For us, and I can only speak for us, we are waiting on our toes, sometimes get teary over the beautiful videos people have put out there of their adoptions, and we are thankful to the support of our fellow bloggers, who consistently get us through this bumpy road of ups and downs.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Frustration and a Bit of Tears

A new day, a new bit of information and a new emotion surfacing.
I finally teared a bit today, surprised myself, however at times frustration can eventually let down in a bit of tearage.
So, what luck, one person is out of town, another is unfamiliar with the files here and it may take a minimum to take a look at the new paper work. Can I cry now? Been there, I guess and done that. Now, don't get me wrong, everything I posted yesterday still stands, however it is a child we are waiting for and it is one of the largest transitions EVER and since we have already met him, this makes it so much more difficult.
We thought we were a month behind and now it looks like we could almost be another month behind.
I WILL stay STRONG. I WILL continue to HOPE. I WILL keep BUSY. I WILL MAKE IT. I just may have a few rocks to step on while walking on my cobble stone path.
I will now wait and believe there is good news on the way. . . . as my husband takes charge and makes a few phone calls to see where we are at.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3.5 Weeks back........

Well, well, well..................... 3.5 weeks since we have been back. The pic to the right is my still moment of realization.

(sigh)......I have learned so much about myself through this adoption. Number 1 item up, PATIENCE.

I never realized how much patience is required, not optioned, REQUIRED.
My mantra as some know is from one of my fav film's, "Serenity" and say this to myself about four times a day, "I am a leaf in the wind."

Why? Well, after I felt relief for about one day, following the turn in of my dossier 2, I have found there are needed updates for new legal documents plus a few dates, which should be updated. At first, I hyperventilated, well a tiny bit, then I screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH in my mind and then I said, "I am a leaf in the wind" and am now working on trying to get this done with hopes that after another notary and another drive to the capital, Russia will get it in another 2 weeks.

Has this put off my court date by like a month? The answer is yes. Is it difficult to watch my little, beautiful boy on the video my dh created? YES, I so WANT HIM NOW! Am I going to follow through and be a good little patient mother to be? YES, there is nothing else to do but follow through.

For all of you who are considering going through this or are in the process, coming from me, "little ol' learned to be patient one", once you see the picture of your little boy or girl, there is no return, you would jump through a ring of fire, knowing he or she is waiting for you, so keep your chin up, breathe, and march forward, oh and talk to the girls, any girl or guy who will listen and keep you going!
xoxo all!