Monday, August 20, 2012

Alexei, the Rink Rat

We are very proud parents of Alexei who has become a Rink Rat. His first hockey team starting in 6 weeks!!!

On Saturday after his normal skating lessons, try outs were being held. It was a bit last minute for us so I didn't expect Alexei would want to be on the ice for 4.5 hours but with his endless energy, it was not a problem.

Most of the children a couple of years older than him were learning how to skate and the hockey coach paid a lot of attention to them more one on one. Alexei was hockey geared up with knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and stick where the coach told him how to hold the hockey stick and for the next couple of hours he went out there and hit pucks, skated around and overall absolutely enjoyed his time.

By the end the coach said he couldn't believe he was 4 years old and if he continues on this path at 6 years old he could be part of the real team and skip ahead.

Alexei's goal he said is to be a defense man. Well he stood by the goalie net and hit in angle shots much of the time. I suppose he is a boy who knows what he wants.

As for Mama and Papa I don't think I have smiled so much than to watch my serious hockey player do what he has so longed to be able to do. Even when he made a goal and the coach yelled, "GOOOOAAAAAAL!" and put his stick up, Alexei was like, Moving on... he didn't even smile, he was just like I am going to do it again.

Our baby amazes us so often.

H-Pylori and Giardia

H-Pylori and Giardia

Well, we found out news we have been waiting for with answers to help our Alexei. This may be the answer to his sleep issues, hyperactivity and overall stomach aches and headaches, which would be so great.

He is positive for H-Pylori, often found in Russian children and many parents come home with either H-Pylori or Giardia so I always recommend a test for all family members who have traveled.

Ewan came home with Giardia and Alexei has H-Pylori. Ewan is treated but Alexei's treatment due to the longevity of the issues will be a long process. We are waiting on 3 medications, which he must take at the same time for a few weeks and he will be doing an outpatient entropsis treatment center where they will x-ray his stomach and begin a treatment plan, which could last up to a year or so.

What I found most interesting about this outcome is that they told me I would most likely have an entirely different personality in Alexei and he will feel so much better and much more even tempered without all of the pain. I cannot say how relieved I am at the diagnosis as we feel like we had tried everything in the past couple of years and all of the medications were just treating symptoms and not really helping Alexei. I about cried when I heard we finally had an answer.

As a parent trust your gut no matter what. I had a feeling he had H-Pylori this entire time. I just knew and now here we are with a whole new plan.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our California Trip

We just returned back from California where we had a wonderful Vladivostok Russian Reunion and all of the children were able to see each other again. Lots of fun. There were three 4 year old boys and two girls. They had a great time playing with each other and I still can't get over the smiles and how incredible each child has grown so much.

We went to Disneyland, Sea World and my youngest got to go to the Zoo too where he spent time with his uncle, aunt and grandmother. We also had a fabulous Mexican dinner at Alfonso's and enjoyed so much of the pool and beaches.

As a California girl, of course Michael and I had to eat at In and Out every day.

Alexei is still have a lot of issues with sleeping but not unusual so Ewan got to stay with his grandmother while we took care of Alexei at the hotel and watched some Olympics.

The Hilton Torrey Pines was very nice with a pretty view.

Looking forward to the 2013 Russian Adoption Reunion in Florida!!!!!!!!