Thursday, April 23, 2009

Almost to Trip 1!

Hi All-
Well, we are on countdown now to our first trip. We leave in two weeks. YAY! Now for travel tips if anyone has any. We are slowly getting things ready. Today, we go for some vaccines. I picked up some good bars to take with us. Going to go get some updated travel gear this weekend. Ahh, and what to wear? Lol, so working on lots of things this week and next. And oh my goodness, while running around, it just dawned on me, I hadn't gotten my fingerprints done yet. Aargh! Just when you think you have it all together. My Michael, Dad to be, is having a difficult time sleeping. He is so ready to go and meet his future son. I told him, "Hon, we aren't even to the really difficult waiting part, slow down."
We had a wonderful baby shower for the Canada and local group here in Washington. It is beautifully done, cocktail party, blue and black decor and the cake was fricken' amazing!!!! OMG, polka dots, baby on top wrapped in a blanket, a white sheet cover and yummy carrot cake mix.
Thank you all for the perfectly chosen gifts. I have already put the twinkly turtle constellation in the middle of his room. It is SO COOL. And I have the lamb near my bed as the ocean sounds take me to sleep, haha. Logan will have it when he gets here.
Off to my International consultation appointment!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, waiting, waiting....
Despite a few items I am still a bit confused about, which I hope to clear up in a couple of days, I have resorted to the fact that it is officially now a waiting game. A waiting game full of curiosity, fear, love, hope, confidence, excitement, frustration and so much more.
This is truly a path for the strong as it is testing us to the extreme, physically and emotionally.

When at one time looking at his picture calmed us, now it seems it saddens almost as we just can't bear to think we could lose him. With hope and a bit of leaning on one another, Michael and I will forge through each day keeping busy and listening to the advice from our family and friends.

We are lucky to think we have 4 sets of family and friends visiting at different times in April and the beginning of May, which will surely keep us busy and hopefully time will pass a little sooner. We also have one of our baby showers a friend is hostessing. LOL, we do spend most of our time hoping time will slow down, and now I am like, speed it up, but just for a few months hehe.

With any luck this wait will be the best wait ever!
The good part I guess is I am half way done with dossier 2, the stuff I can do early.

I will clean and watch Disney for therapy :)