Monday, February 21, 2011

This is For My Sister...... Oh Boy.

A new post, a week closer to getting our dossier finished and into Russia.

This week has been fabulous as I have been able to catch up with parents in Russia and those working on getting to Russia. So many wonderful stories and exciting news shared.

With us, currently we are getting the rooms organized and ready for Alexei's sister as this was recommended that we be ready no matter how long we have to wait.

This brings us to the words, "This is for my sister....", which by the way I am hearing now almost daily. He is giving now hahaha. Alexei has taken a little wrought iron bicycle with basket into his sister's room along with a stuffed puppy with a bow on it, the pink poodle he "bought" for her himself among other things.

I have still been stuck on a theme for her room, however am working on narrowing it down to Paris, soft pale pink, black striping, black furniture from Alexei's room and am going to give in and make a pale pink rose lamp shade. Yes, making it to look like Pottery Barn's shade.

She has a pillow case from Potter Barn with the Eiffel tower etc. Her furniture is all wrought iron, all fully child proofed.

And at this point, I am not sure whether to mix in the Princess and the Frog lol. I have had to watch this movie daily and feel like I may be until we see her since it is Alexei's current favorite film.

He LOVES the jazz and the frogs dancing.
I must say with the way he dances, he just does it so well.

Back to the frogs and jazz.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Russia: The New Adventure Has Arrived.

A New Year, a New Adventure and one that will hopefully bring us a beautiful baby girl as a sister for Alexei and a daughter for us.

Our initial paperwork is almost in and we are preparing her room and gathering clothes and books together.
About 10 years ago, I had put a box aside and found little things, just in case one day I had a girl to give them too. Last night, I found the box while cleaning out my closet. I had forgotten what I had collected over the years and honestly did not think I would have a reason to open the box until now.

The box includes:
* A red short pleated, plaid skirt with black leather buckles.
* Barbie and Ken California Limited Edition dolls that are in surfer outfits and smell like sun tan lotion!
* The Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Barbie with Accessories.
* Soft Minnie and Daisy Duck onesie.
* Minnie Mouse Play Outfit.

And a bit more.
It is funny how things come around.