Friday, January 7, 2011

Ukraine Beginning...... Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

This week has been extremely emotional from "what if's" to "where?" and to "how?" while finalizing our decision to take the next step in adopting from Ukraine.

Ukraine is a beautiful country located in Eastern Europe that shares a Russian history, which was important to us as we have our son from Russia. As we embark on this next journey, the paper work begins to flood in from the home study to the first dossier. At the moment, the application will be our first order of business to the agency, then our application for the home study will follow and then the home study itself will begin with 4 interviews and home visits.

This is not unfamiliar territory for us, however reminds me of when we began our process for Russia 2.5 years ago. The process for Ukraine is much easier, yet varies greatly when it comes to children's ages for adoption and the referrals. We are hoping for a 2-3 year old, preferably a girl, however we have been told there are more boys available at this time. Once our home study is in, we will then wait for a dossier date from Ukraine, which will be the deadline for turning in our complete dossier.
A couple of months following our dossier, we will be invited to the country to look at referrals of children Ukraine has chosen for us to look at and then we decide which child to meet.

The entire process will most likely take a year to complete and as with any adoption time can vary a month or so in one direction or the other.

Do I wonder how we will endure this process and if we will take it in stride and enjoy the ride? Yes.
Do I wonder what and who lies at the end of this winding yellow brick road? Yes.
Am I anxious? Yes.
Does this occupy much of my daily thinking? Yes.
Do I wonder how this transition will go? Yes.

Lots of questions and plenty of waiting time to think of the possibilities.

...... Stay Tuned.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Passion for Adoption- A Few Words

Adoption Awareness: For someone whose work is mainly online and spend a great deal of time reading adoption blogs and personal stories of struggles, it amazes me we do not have more to help children who are waiting for a life long home, many who if not adopted by age 12, end up on the streets, starving and sleeping in boxes.

Corporations give thousands upon thousands of dollars to causes each year as write offs, however adoption does not seem to be one of those causes in helping bring these children to their life long homes. Saving a child and giving parents the ability to raise a child in a loving home without going broke.

I'm not bashing Uncle Sam here, but I am saying, adoption is probably one of the most unselfish things to do in life and one that gives a child a second chance of an entire life time of good. The tax rebate is given after the adoption if finalized, however how do potential parents begin the process?I know we all donate to causes, sponsor things etc, however I was so surprised at how many fundraisers are out there for adoption for parents who have gone through IVF up to nine times, yup nine times and now they are hoping to bring home a child who otherwise may not have one. I wish there was a national charity where there was more help for those who want to help these parents, parents to be with bringing home a child in need of a home.

The average adoption can cost 20k dollars to 60k. Domestic can run higher if you are forced to start over a couple of times. The average parent to be must come up with the funds above within a year, cash out. On average sadly, many parents who have to prove financially capable, which many are on paper, then have to use credit cards to charge fees, empty their savings and hope for miles from the airplane accounts.

Alexei's doctor: 2 weeks ago became teary when she said I look at Alexei and see where he started and where he is now and it just makes me wonder where he would have been without being able to s...hine and become this incredible boy as he has so much potential. Catching us off guard because she was in tears, it was a very emotional meeting but the perfect example of why adoption is so important and how incredible it can be when just a few people make the choice for a life long commitment to an amazing child who waiting for them.