Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trailer for 2nd Video

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wow, have I lagged or just been so busy chasing around our little guy?!

Our experience was incredible in Russia. We were very lucky to meet other families, one of which is like family now with their two beautiful girls (Logan's cousins), hehe.

Since we have been back, it has been go, go, go with our Logan from the pumpkin patch picking out pumpkins, falling off furniture, walking backwards, running everywhere he can get too, first car seat rides (that takes time to get used to he says), stroller rides (another getting used too), lots of hugs and kisses and tons of smiles. He is a tough little cookie, endures falling in the grass about 50 times and keeps going. His balance is amazing and he practices quite often haha.

He is up to 7 words now: Dada, Mom, No, Thank you, Dog, Yah and can give the peace sign, thumbs up, high five, down low etc. (We have had some influences hehe).

He just got his new hockey set for the wood floor and a tricycle, which he rides around. He dances in circles and boogies down when music comes on. Loves big beats and the bagpipe. For some reason right now he is so into Irish jigs and bag piping. He is climbing stairs and coming down, although not without strict observation.

He cleaned up his room the other night. The only time but surprised the heck out of Mommy as she just watched.

If he doesn't get his way, his bottom lip comes out and he pouts a bit. It is kinda funny as he puts on a game and then smiles when ur not looking.

He loves apple juice, however more special loves green tea, peppermint tea and sips of Mommy's latte. Yes, just sips, nothing more, however it was good when we had to withdraw him from the black tea in the baby home hehe.

Court went really well. We were in there about 20 minutes. Simple questions and confirmations.

Transition was difficult in hotel room, a bit tiring for the parents as he had to get through the grieving of a new place, change and we of course were still in limbo at the hotel. The airplane ride went ok as from what I hear 3 hours of crying on a 10 hour flight isn't bad. Although I did cry a bit myself haha. I think it can be a bit overwhelming but with Michael taking over and walking him up and down the plane, it was a serious help! The flight attendents were amazing to and helped in anything we needed.

When we got him to his new house, it was like he knew he was home and he knew what his room was his. Since then he has been running around non stop and I mean non stop. He sleeps through the night from about 11pm to 9am. Then has an hour to two hour nap.

The adjustment once home has been great with him, however I will admit, parents be ready as it is quite an adjustment on you. I am on 24/7, which basically means I am getting used to only working when he lets me right now and I am thinking it is just that he needs extra attention as he is in the "I am so attached to you, I am not going to let you go" stage.

If you have a significant other, have a break word as it is so important for you to know when u need a break and let urself have one. You may need a few breathers and that is OKAY. Totally ask for help if you need too. I know it is difficult as I have a hard time asking for help, however the adjustment can be trying until you get into the rhythm.

Take date nights too!!!! Need them, oh my gosh, do ya.

I cannot stress enough our experience was amazing mostly due to our agency, Partners for Adoption. It is a heck of a journey as you all know and it makes a huge difference when you have the right people to help you and support you in and out of country.

I will post again, but my little one is calling.