Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 6 Month return from Russia!

Today, 6 months ago we returned home with two other families and our children from Russia. I remember how exhausted we were as we stepped off the plane holding our luggage, stroller and child. This was a new exciting experience but also one where we could have slept for days following.

We still had to sit through customs, which took over an hour and I remember at first our Alexei was excited by all of the new surroundings of the airport, however quickly settled into my arms and fell asleep.

Just a few moments after we made it through customs and turned our paper work in, we were greeting by two grandparents who I must say were pretty wet in the face as they met eyes with our Alexei for the first time.

There are few words I can think of to describe the experience of bringing Alexei home. I was torn when leaving Russia as I had grown such a huge heart for the country, the people and culture. I was thankful to have Alexei there with me and to know that his forever culture would be Russian first as we lead him into new cultures of American and Canadian, both very different with some similarities.

There are stressful times in adjusting and transitioning into becoming parents suddenly, however I always remember to revisit my happy place.

My happy place these days was me standing in front of the window of the hotel in Russia looking outside. I could hear the music playing below at one moment for a wedding and another for a party. Two days, two time periods, two moments standing at that window. One evening Fire works would go off following the celebration of the wedding and there was a sweet summer scent in the air and a small breeze swimming through the leaves. The other moment was day time as I watched the security guard dressed as a clown entertaining children running down the pathway of the front side of the hotel.

Either way, these were the memories I had just a day or two before we picked Alexei up for the first time.
With him, I remember standing by that same window pointing to the leaves of the trees and a rather large spider who had made their web there, perfect Halloween type web for our entire trip.

There was a sense of peace and calm I found there despite the hurried running around doing paper work, doctor appointments, meals, and adjusting to a new life with a little 15 month old boy. One that is unforgettable and gives me the yearning to do once again.

Alexei is more than we could have asked for even at the trying times where he is hoping we understand the new words he has come up with. At any rate, this 6 months makes me think about how much time has gone by and how quickly Alexei has grown, changed and become the almost 23 month old he is now.

Thank you Russia and our agency for giving us a smooth process, showing us what it means to be committed to this and making our life a little more interesting. To Russia With Love.