Friday, October 24, 2008

The room is almost done!

It is really funny in the beginning as you have this image of how the room may look and suddenly your husband has become an interior decorator over night and wants to share his input on every little detail. It has been a fun experience working on this room with him. At times it has been a bit hilarious as I can speak about what I would like done, however when it really must be done, it is a whole other story. I wanted a shelf put up under the window, poor Michael drilled it in, it fell out, he improvised as the package did not come with all of the parts. Two hours later, dry wall is all over the wood floor, his clothes and face, hehe, and it still wasn't up. It didn't take me much to drag him out and continue the next day, however it has a weight limit of about 6 lbs. Haha. So I pushed on it to make sure our little one would be okay, (clearing my throat), I think you can guess what happened. I have to give Michael credit, his patience is unbelievable. Great practice, now for mine, hehe. Here are a couple pics of the room as we finish it up. It is difficult to see, however it is a honey pale yellow with a matching shaggy rug, wood floors, black furniture, khaki drapes, blanket, and organic khaki crib interiors. We put up the Russian jersey we received from Michael's parents when they went to Russia. We are bolting down the hockey stick and have a toy chest with the Boston Bruins logo. The mini directors chair is still coming with the same logo. We are almost done but I still want to make some creative touches.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Furniture Building

Hiegh Ho, Heigh Ho, we're off to build a crib we go....well Michael is off to build a crib. I was the handy assistant. I love how they put on many of these furniture pieces, "Easy to assemble" lol, that's a crack up. It took about four hours for each furniture piece.