Tuesday, April 13, 2010

8 Months back home & Hockey crazy

8 months back home and my little monkey is on the move daily from having to explain why we do not jump on the bed to never putting the hockey stick down. Let's put it this way, take his hockey stick, which he practices being a goalie with and you will see a fine example of a two year old tantrum.

I have to give him credit though, he is one committed lil hockey player! This past weekend he got an early birthday gift from his grandparents who came to visit. They upgraded his hockey stick, which he chose himself, got him a new Bauer helmet and little ice skates.

If you ever want to slow the boy down from running around the house, click on the telly and find a hockey game as he will stop mid track and just stare into the glass screen mesmerized.

On another note, he surprised everyone in the backyard. Grandma was pulling weeds and he promptly went over to her pile, took a handful of weeds and ran them to the compost pile. We still do not come close to knowing how he knew that is where they were all to go at the end of the day. It is a long run across the yard too.

In addition, he LOVES and let me tell you, not just likes, but LOVES Everybody Loves Raymond. Now, I could not figure out why we have to watch the show nightly and then my husband said, "U know, that was the show we had on in Russia at the hotel, maybe he remembers it" and here I thought he was just excited to go visit his family in Long Island, NY ;)

Here are some updated photos of our little boy at 23 months old.