Thursday, December 30, 2010

Heading into a New Adventure

Well, we are heading into a new adventure. At this time, we have not made a concrete decision as to where since there are incredible variables to each program.

Of course our dream of all dreams would be to return to Russia where there are many baby girls awaiting homes and that would be the ultimate of ultimate gifts to be able to give another child of our son's culture a home, brings me to tears to think about being back there. It made it that much harder after talking with the director and knowing this is how it is now and remembering the doctor in Russian telling us to come back for a girl.

Our hearts belong to Russia and will always be there. The second choice was to possibly go to Ukraine, a close second, however girls are not abundant at the moment and we would have to go with a child older then Alexei or the same age. Not too bad actually just wanted to go a bit younger and keep the age difference closer.

We are now looking into Korea as this may be our only choice that is easiest financially and yet will allow us to have a baby in 2 years. Yes, that's right, 2 years if I want a boy and 3 years if we could have our girl, however boy it is. 3 years is a huge length of time, however I know some endure the time.

We looked into Ethiopia and it also requires 2 trips and a very unfamiliar road through this adoption. I am still deciding and still gaining information.

I suppose the decision is so difficult and I often want to ask parents, how do you go to Russia multiple times with the costs so high. My only wish is that adoptive parents would have an easier time bringing a child home from any country without having to sacrifice all they have at home.

I might sound a bit angry and maybe going through the "Why can't we just get pregnant" stage once again as it seems like such a handful to get what seems so simple in life at such a large price.

I know so many of you know what I am referring too and it is most difficult to open my heart as I have, however I know that so many think it.

January will tell all in what we decide to do next.

I am wishing all adoptive parents out there right now happiness and a successful return if they are on trips. It is an amazing experience and you are never alone.