Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Vladivostok and have our Little One

Hello All,

It has been awhile since I have posted due to the hectic journey here, court and picking up our little one. The Vlad Inn is a really great place, by the way for any of you having to travel here.

Our little one is adorable: He has had a difficult transition, however we hope with each day it gets a bit better. He is down to 1.5 hours of crying today. When he is not crying, we are walking around the hotel, inside the room, and he is an amazing little guy at feeding time. He turns "on" shall we say when it is time to eat. He said, "Hi" this week and Michael taught him how to high five and ten it. The headbutts from him are the most endearing, painful but a huge love at the same time as that is his way of planting a big one on us.

He is Mama's boy right now, barely leaves my side for two seconds, however Michael finally got him asleep on his shoulder today from pure exhaustion. He did touch the chairs, tv, tables and windows today in our room, which is a huge stride forward.

At 15 months old, 9 month old size clothing, he is doing fairly well. We just need to help him get rid of his constipation and he should be feeling better. This has been very difficult for all of us and we have tried prune juice, walking, fiber cereal and massages. Hopefully, we can get him to have a BM in the next day so he feels better.

He is seriously cute though. A real ladies man!

Well, if it wasn't for Tom and Christi, the NYers as the hotel knows them as haha, (Everyone knows their names ;), we do not know what we would do. It is so wonderful traveling with another couple. I mean it makes all the difference. We can talk, vent, and talk more about our little one's and no one tires of it! lol. They have been a huge support. LOVE YOU GUYS.

We did see our little one go down a slide today, of course with mama and papa's help but still, another step.

I will update more. Have to put in a little work while he sleeps.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Day to Go

Breathe----------- Okay, breathe--------------hold------------------9 seconds-----------------breathe.

That is an example of the mini breaks I am taking through out the day as I prepare for this HUGE transition we have been so looking forward too.

I think as a friend of mine Jennifer mentioned, when we get back, it will all sink in as to what it has taken to get to this point and bring him home.
I just got done translating our photo album and lemme tellya, it was difficult seeing the pictures of our little one. We can't wait to see what he looks like now. MISS HIM SO MUCH it hurts.

We are very excited to be traveling with two other couples. One being the Wallaces, hooray, they are awesome.
Now, if only I can get the rest of our clothes in our bag!!! HAHA. We are at 2 suitcases, one small carry on suitcase, and one computer bag and my bag (looks like a fashionable one color carpet bag).

So far, we are just about ready and we are looking forward to seeing our family who is flying in while we are in Russia to take care of the house and get things ready.

It is amazing as our family and friends have done a lot to get us through this until now. Thank you All big time. Without you, we may not have kept the sanity one so hopes to keep in this long, challenging process.

Back to packing. . .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sitting Down Feels So Good

Ello All!

Well, I posted earlier today, however I have a few minutes while my dog stares at me hopelessly to write a couple of words.
First off, We NEVER expected to hear this news this week and we figure with all the busy things we have to do, we will finally realize the day we are packed and on the plane that we are going to see our little one who still has our heart.
I had a moment to get a small rain coat today for him as it is warm there, however raining every other day, which honestly sounds great right about now.
I also picked up a couple of soft play items for sensory development (gawd sounds so professional), heck, for some play!
I think I may need to take tonight to zone out.
For everyone who is still waiting for a court date, LISTEN UP:

Wise words from a friend: "Slow down!" For realsy, if you can and I know of all people (a person who shakes her leg endlessly to direct her energy), you WILL be able to accomplish all you need to get done.

PLEASE celebrate. My hubby and I have not done so and I am really working on at least toasting, "Nastrovia" so we can allow ourselves some sense of "hooray".

Write a list, a couple if you have to and start doing them now. For instance, you know you have to pack, so start writing those lists. Oh and I am going to repeat this advice from another parent given to me, for those coffee drinkers, take espresso beans, covered in chocolate if you have to so when you need your pick up, you got it.

Most of all, Please know, as I believe this is one of the most difficult processes one goes through in life, BELIEVE and KNOW your travel date will come to go get your loved one. Keep busy, get ready and organize.

Okay, I need to go answer all of my travel e-mails I am getting, paper work e-mails I am getting, and there are plenty, and if your THE WALLACES, just an FYI, ur blog is set to member only so I can read but I cannot post and was very curious about whether we are traveling same time.

Thanks to Everyone for their Comments

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are running around collecting the last bit of paper work we need, getting our suit cases out, trying to get the little one's prescriptions, travel has been purchased, lol, the list goes on.

We will try to update as we go along on the blog.

I have to head out for appointments.
Will put up more later.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Court Date! YAY

Wow, so unbelievable, as we did not expect the news at all. We received a court date and we leave in two weeks. We could be parents in two weeks. AAHHHHHHHH Okay, I have to go run around and then I will be back to write, too much energy building.