Friday, February 6, 2009

Just to keep up!

Hello Family & Friends~
Well, Michael and I have been told we are just a couple of families away from a referral so we are keeping busy and making sure we have everything we need for travel.
I notice I have been getting a little nervous on the traveling bit. I think it is because I hear so many horror stories about the travel part. I am expecting the worst and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. I know many say once the baby came into their view, it all changed and the travel experience was put aside but nerves are trying to get the best of me.
Must stay focused!
I am still doing some last minute touches on the room. Today, I am working on the registry as it seems, one of the places I chose most of the items may go out of business. What luck eh? Well, with the economy the way it is, it seems more and more places are closing :( .
We have not lost our place in the referral process, however we are dealing with a couple of paper work issues, which I am hoping the agency can sort out as it is out of our hands. We are in the "hope" mode.
Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words and kindness!