Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ahh, the bumps in the road. . .

Good thing Michael and I are used to doing everything we do in life the difficult way. Well, our dossier is now having to be redone due to a notary stamp expiring too soon from our social worker. She is now having to go back and re-do all of the papers. The sad part about it is it is delaying this process about a month, plus we have to go back down to Olympia and have everything re-apostilled. Ugh! Another hundred dollars, half a day off work and more driving.

Like I said, at least we are used to it, however an abnormal amount of patience is required. :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Does that come in adult size L?"

Fun, fun, fun! This is the fun part, get it? Anyhoo, I took a photo as I knew some of you would greatly appreciate the wear.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Dossier is Complete!

Well, now for the wait. I am already consumed with things to do so it won't be difficult getting through the wait time. I say that now, right? ;) I am relieved the holidays are in between this wait as this way I can keep even busier and think about what it might be like next holiday season.

We have chosen a name after much discussion. Our little boy's name will be "Logan". Logan Aleksandr Booth. This was decided on America's historic day electing Barack Obama. It seems to me, it makes it a bit more special and surely memorable.

I must get my Russian going as I think Michael is way past me. Figures, maybe it is because I am doing all of the paper work hehe ;). Give myself an excuse.

I just finished five hours of copying, signing, and mailing. It is quite exhausting. After a day of starvation, I quickly pounced on my appetite with a Bell Burrito and taco. Hmm, tasty! Tastier it seems when you realize all you have been swallowing lately is coffee.

I am heading to look for a Russian restaurant in our area. I can't wait to get a few recipe's going.

Next on my things to do, create the life book.