Friday, May 20, 2016


Life the last couple of years has been quite the adventure as our life continues with two beautiful Russian boys. Both boys are Russian proud, have lived in America and now live in Canada. The International Family has brought us the ability to live in different places and enjoy various cultural experiences.

Alexei is now a goalie in hockey and loving the challenges of fast pucks coming his way. He trains with older boys so he can work even harder to do what he loves. His life goal he says is to play for the WHL. He has plenty of work ahead of him. He was asked to skate out with the Victoria Royals this past season and was a little guy flying out there as fast as he could when they introduced the team in the beginning of the game. He stood proudly next to a popular Russian player he loves while the anthem played. We could not be more proud of him as he was so nervous at first to be the only young kid out there.

He is playing baseball and soccer in the off season while continuing his hockey training weekly. He's already asked to try out for the rep team, however he needs to wait a year.

Ewan is doing ten times better mainly due to working on his dietary needs and healing his gut through the Plexus probio5 he has made an incredible strides as he is more focused so that I can work with him. He still has his moments of going after other kids or sensory overload or taking apart the house. That's just life with Ewan and we come to accept that we just need to keep working on his understanding of how things work in life despite his incredible belief he already knows what life is all about. He is funny and our comedy guy in the family. Extremely sarcastic at age 6. Hoping he will be able to attend kindergarten this fall in a classroom. He is very snuggly and loves me reading books to him. He took ice skating lessons and did very well despite a couple of set backs. He also is going to hockey this fall. We think padding is best for him to have and others as baseball he has proved that the opposing team should watch out. His strategies can be painful if you make it to his base lol.

Michael is still working hard and doing all that he needs to and more. He is an amazing teammate in this journey.

As for me, I had to take time off from my passionate love for helping orphans for my own time and working with Ewan until he gets to school. It has proven to be extremely beneficial, however I desperately miss my friends and my work through Orphans at Play and World Children Hosting. The love I have for orphans and the needs kids have for developmental goals and cultural exchange is so important and I think about our team at OAP and WCH daily. They have done so well to keep the missions going. It is amazing how life changes so quickly and at times we have to take time to catch our breath. I cannot believe moving countries at the last minute, renting out our home, then moving again within the new country, renting our home out yet again and becoming permanent residents and getting everything straight with our boys, our goals and we even hosted for a summer time period in Palm Springs and Washington. The list goes on as we lost our dear Bernie who was our first kiddo together, 4 legged that is to cancer and we also lost three of our kitties in this short period. Sometimes, I wonder how we get through but we do and we keep on going.

We have also gone to the UK, Toronto, Niagara Falls, America and toured so many places. We loved the UK and Alexei is already begging to go back. I told Michael he could leave me there hahaha. It was amazing.

We have also had amazing house guests during this time from France, America, Canada and Scotland. We are so honored to have such beautiful people in our lives and cannot wait until this Christmas when our France Family comes to spend the holidays with us. We are on count down.

And Disneyland for my 40th birthday and my son's 8th birthday! Woo hoo!

Until the next post...